How many types of cats exist?

Have you always wondered how many types of cats exist? Do you ask yourself what is the difference between a purebred and non-purebred cat? CatsKrazy has got the answers! 

What are the differences and which type of cat is better?

First of all, there is no cat better than the other. Every single cat has its own characteristics and the type that suits you best, just depends on your lifestyle and your free time. Before making a choice, one might have an idea of the favourite type of cat, but remember that cats are living beings with their specific behavior and temperament. What is important to underline is that the cat will be part of your family for the next 10-15 years.

The character of a cat is not necessarily determined by its breed, but more by the way it will be managed and cared for by you. Even if a purebred cat will cost you more to purchase, the feeding and care costs will be the same as for a non-purebred one - although it is rumored that non-purebred cats are more resistant than their friends with pedigree.

1. Cats with Pedigree

These types of cats are bred by parents who are of the same pedigree breed. The Burmese cat is a perfect example of this type of cat. Some breeds may be difficult to obtain - and of course cost more - because they are rare or there may be specific hereditary problems that make the birth of healthy subjects more difficult.

2. Cross-breed cats

Cross-breed cats are the union of two different pedigrees. These types of cats are generally more resistant, even if it does not depend on the genetics of the parents. Cross-breed cats are less expensive than those with pedigree and if you know who the parents are, you can have a good indicator of what to expect in terms of character.

3. Non-purebred cats

Non-purebred cats are so called because one or both parents were themselves crossbreds. Cats without pedigree may have been mixed for several generations, and this makes their temperament difficult to predict. Non-purebred cats are easy to find and animal shelters often host a large variety of non-purebred cats. There is no limit to colour or type and it is very difficult that they have health problems.

Whatever kind of cat you want or already possess, food and games should never be missed. CatsKrazy has a wide range of products that can make any cat the happiest animal in the world.