How to educate a baby kitten during the first months of life

So you have decided to adopt a baby kitten? That's great news! This is article is exactly for you then. For instance, it is very important to encourage daily habits in healthy cats from an early age.

What to know in order to educate a baby kitten

First, if you have never had cats at home, before adopting a kitten you need to make some small changes to ensure the safety of the newcomer. It is important to clean the house thoroughly from top to bottom, paying particular attention to spaces inaccessible to people - but easily accessible to a baby kitten - for example under a desk or behind the sofa. Of course, you need to be prepared and buy all the important cat accessories, litter box, cat toys, food, etc. CatsKrazy is the perfect partner in this sense.

After this, you can welcome your baby kitten. Entering a new home is a big change for a kitten, so it is advisable to let the newcomer gradually get used to the environment. At the beginning, leave him in a room with food, water, a kennel, and a litter box. When he seems at ease, let him discover the rest of the house little by little, leaving him free to explore every room with his own time.

Once he get used to the new environment, invest some time to brush the kitten, brush his teeth, shorten his nails, so that he gets used to it and you learn to feel at ease. In case you don't know exactly how to do it, just contact your veterinary.

Don't beat him, don't shake him, and don't scream to scold him. If the kitten behaves badly, you can make a high-pitched sound and nothing more. In case the kitten behaves well, reward him with a cuddle and a delicious cat snack

In general, if you educate your baby kitten well right away, the kitten will become a happy and balanced adult cat and will be respectful to the family forever.